#nhssm – On the brink of SoMething special

Here’s a round-up and some of my thoughts on the recent #nhssm chat on the state of social media in the NHS – a report containing over 238,000 social media accounts in NHS England.

For those not aware what #nhssm is – it’s a weekly Twitter chat to discuss how the NHS can use social media to benefit patients and staff. You can get involved by following @nhssm and using the hashtag #nhssm.

It was a really interesting chat – the report is the first of its kind for the NHS and is quite comprehensive in what it measures. The biggest question asked of the report by those on #nhssm was ‘is it measuring the right things?’ You’ll see in the Storify the reaction to a league table type report is not always a positive one – should we be doing it in this way, or will that discourage people from getting involved further in social activity if they are being judged and measured?

It’s a difficult one to answer. With so many individuals using social media brilliantly in healthcare, you could ask if this is really needed – but with so many organisations not seeing the full potential of social media within the NHS, you could argue that this report, putting the scale and potential impact of social media into some context, is desperately needed.

I think it’s a great starting point, and would love to see something like this developed for the NHS outside of England – as well as drawing on those points of celebrating individual excellence and giving practical case studies of how social can work to benefit NHS organisations, as well as the individuals within it.

Take a look at the full Storify in the link below for all the comments and opinions and I’d love to hear what you think – leave a comment below or tweet me @willdotbarker.

photo : mrxapoh


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