What’s your digital resolution?

digital resolution

As 2014 comes to a close and we look forward to a fresh start, new challenges and exciting new opportunities in 2015, it has inevitably got me thinking about what can be done better in 2015 – what is my #digitalresolution?

First, a look back.

A change of jobs, a change of sector and a new set of challenges towards the end of 2014 have given me a lot to think about. I’ve found that lots of great things about social and digital hold the same principles wherever you are and whatever you are doing, but the ways around some of the challenges, and some of the challenges themselves are different, and can be specific to the organisation you’re in or project you are working on. This is both exciting and a bit scary, because you’ve got to be confident that what you’re doing is the right thing to do – and be even more adaptable to change.

And then, a look forward.

In a recent training session with Drew Benvie, he looked ahead at the big trends in digital for 2015 and identified these four as areas (amongst others) that he thought were important for the year ahead; these are what they mean to me:

1. Creation society – where more and more people are creating their own content on their own channels and sharing it with their own communities.
2.#socialCEOs –
lowering those boundaries between leaders and their staff/public/customers to create a better conversation an more trust with a brand or organisation.
3. Influencers – no longer just traditional media that have adopted a big audience online, it’s the new wave of bloggers, vloggers and hyperlocals that can reach the people that really matter to you, your brand or the stories you’re trying to tell.
4. Brands as communities –  how long have we been saying that social is not a one-way channel? Brands as communities places you as organisation right in the centre of that conversation and means you need them as much as they need you, without the two, what you’re doing isn’t going to work.

All of these are relevant to the work we’re doing across NHS Wales. We’re doing some of it well already, and we could certainly do more of it better – but isn’t that always the case?

For me, 2015 is about getting our ducks in a row – doing more of what we’re already doing well and building on it to make it even better. 2015 is also about getting even more NHS Wales staff engaged with digital and letting them see the benefits of using social media as part of their work, and finally, 2015 should be about opening up even more conversations with patients across Wales about their health and the NHS in Wales – speaking to the people that matter to us, in a place that they have chosen.

What’s your #digitalresolution? Leave a comment below or tweet me with it @willdotbarker.

photo: Brett Florence


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