Where’s my thank you, thank you?

Why do people fundraise for charities?

Is it because they feel something for the cause they are raising money for? Most probably. Is it because the event they are taking part in otherwise wouldn’t be available to them? Sometimes. Does the event appeal to them anyway and it happens to be for charity? This wouldn’t surprise me. People choose to raise money for charities all over the world for all sorts of reasons, but one that is never at the top of the list is to get thanks for doing so.

Is this normal? People are going out of their way to challenge themselves, setting difficult goals to help charities reach theirs – and for no thanks at all? Yes, many who fundraise feel that they are the ones saying thank you for the support, help and advice they have received in times of difficulty, so, is a thank you important,ThankYou is it necessary to say thank you to someone who has raised money for your charity?

Well, let’s take a moment just to think about what saying thak you actually means. Reuben Turner posted an interesting blog last year about the ‘expectation’ of a thank you in society, and I’d say he’s right. I’d say he’s also right about remembering fundraisers are not customers. They may not be wanting or expecting a thanks, so it’s even more important that you make it relevant and special to them.

Being inventive with a thank you is also really important. Kirsty Marrins is a communications professional working in the charity sector, she wrote this blog about ‘The art of a simple Thank You’ and put together a Storify of inventive ways that charities and business alike have said thanks to their fundraisers and clients – including Tenovus, Wales’ leading cancer charity, using Vine to say a quick thanks to fundraisers on their recent mass participation walk.

With this in mind, I think it’s safe to say that a little thank you can a long way and is important to your fundraisers, to not only make sure their efforts don’t go unnoticed, but to encourage them to continue to support you in the future and (hopefully) raise even more money.

What do you think? Is saying thank you important to your fundraisers or clients?

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