I Know It’s Over

Morrissey, Rourke, Joyce and Marr. Arguably four of the most influential names in British Music history. Reading a recent article, it seems that it was not just the music scene these four icons left a lasting impact on. The Holden Gallery in Manchester is currently showing the exhibition ‘The Gospel According To…” to mark the groups 30th anniversary. It features work influenced by The Smiths including tap dancing badly to ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’ and work by Turner Prize

Music at its best?

winning artist Jeremy Deller who portrays Smiths lyrics as biblical quotes, a man after Morrissey’s heart.

I appreciate art that is connected to music, I collect vinyl and the artwork on the covers are beautiful and something to be celebrated. However I think sometimes art and music do not go together. I was listening to BBC Radio 6 Music (happy birthday by the way) and on came the news, to another art exhibition in Newcastle. Music is often to referred to as art, and I agree, some music can be called art. I come from the age of CD’s and digital music, so when I finally got around to learning about vinyl I was amazed, and now slightly obsessed with its sound and its beauty! For me, this particular exhibition is not art. You must listen to this if you have not already. Vinyl slowed down to 3rpm to provide ‘a refuge from the hectic pace of modern life’ does not work, and the reference to the ‘grooves of the record being like a valley’ made me laugh out loud and cry with despair simultaneously.

Anyway, ending on a lighter note I stumbled across this fantastic piece of work that, if you love The Smiths, then you will find contagious and just ingenious. Who would have thought they sounded so similar?


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