The 4am Project

Been browsing through some other blogs recently, and also been discovering more about where I live – Roath. I have said this before, but it is a great place to be living, not only as a student but as a community member too. You have pretty much everything you need on a day-to-day basis, and even better, there is a vast array of charity shops on Albany Road which you don’t get in the City Centre.

After spending a good hour or so reading Pint of 45, I am now aware that I am surrounded by some great places to have a drink too, and I am lucky to be stones-throw away from The Albany. So I have been keeping up to date with the hyperlocal information website Roathcardiff (which is great) and it took me to the 4am Project.

This time of morning is not one I usually get to see – or remember anyway – So I am keen to get involved and see what the hustle and bustle of Albany Road is like. It would be great to get into Roath Park, but not sure how possible that is.

It is very simple and very easy to take part. So I joined the Facebook group for Roath, and I think everyone else should too.


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