Smartphones, Roath & cats: an unlikely combination

Today’s blog is about an observation you might have made if you live in Cardiff and particularly in Roath. You might have been waiting for the bus or walking to uni and spotted a cat on a wall, a lamppost or an electrical box. Not an actual cat though, a graffiti one.

I have recently noticed these pieces dotted around various areas of Roath, along Moy Road and Albany Road on my walks into uni or my visits to Roath Park. I think they look great and had to take some pictures of them, which is where my smartphone comes in. I am a relatively new user of smartphones and I have to say it has changed the way I live and work considerably, looking back to my last blog it has allowed me to document any interesting articles or findings on the go, but also given me even less privacy as I have instant access to Twitter and Facebook.

I can now see the hype behind smartphones and their benefits to anyone working or associated with the media, I can do everything I need to do on it. That’s why when I saw these unique pieces of artwork around the streets I had to make sure that I got a picture of them, and I am sure if you are visitng Cardiff you are likely to spot one of these on your travels. After a bit of research, DJ Leekee’s blog has sourced the work from street artist Lembo, but apart from the name I don’t have anymore information, I just really liked the work.

These pieces reminded me of what a cultural and creative area of Cardiff that Roath is, and took me back to a piece of work I created last year year on Made in Roath – the local arts festival that began in 2010 and hopes to be running every year. It was great to see some home-grown work and actually go into the artists houses to view it in a much more personal environment. I did a short piece on the festival which you can listen to here.



2 thoughts on “Smartphones, Roath & cats: an unlikely combination

  1. Nice post! Glad to see someone else noticing these great pussycats popping up around the place!

    I don’t venture over Roath way too often so please let me know if you spot anymore!

    PS If using other people’s photos it’s usually best practise to ask first or at least credit it to them! I’m assuming the lime green one is mine? (lol)

    Hands off my pussy!


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